Classic White Chevrolet Car Barn Wood Frame

Classic White Chevrolet Car Barn Wood Frame

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A 1950's vintage Chevrolet car abandoned in a farmyard. This was originally in a shed that had clasped on the car which prevented me from getting a good shot of this car for years. A wind storm blew the shed open like an onion. It’s amazing how these cars can change when left in the elements over time, it makes you wonder how it got there in the first place.

Print Title: Clive Davis

Barn wood Frames

Photos are dye-infused on aluminum and sealed with a clear coat gloss.  The images are very vivid. The metal gives a 3D effect to the prints. They are easy to clean with glass cleaner.

These frames are  handcrafted by my Husband Shane and are made using reclaimed barn wood. They have a hollow back and sturdy wire attached for hanging. The barn wood really completes the pieces.

These pieces are one of a kind, vivid and eye catching.  The perfect wall art for any home, office or business.