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Hey I'm Jen

I’m a self-taught photographer who moved to the country and got inspired.  I also love to travel! I'm basically a professional road tripper and wander.

I’ll make your walls look awesome

My work will make your walls smile! It’ll transport you to another place.  The best part about my work is that you don't even have to leave your home or office to go wherever you want, anytime you want. It's like you’re right there with me.

I bet you want to check out my work

But first, a little back story.  Once upon a time... no, just kidding!

My first full time gig in photography was taking portraits of pets and their people. For 12 years I ran a pet photography studio. It was so much fun, especially the animal part – never a dull moment!  Handling puppies and kitties all day? Uh, yes please!


Most people are surprised to find out that I'm actually a city girl, born and raised in Calgary. I married a small-town sweetie and we transplanted ourselves to rural Alberta. Our town isn’t even a town…it’s a village of just 125 people! We live there with our 3 cats and fabulous pug, Fergie


insert pug porn pic here!

Life threw us a curve ball and blessed us with a baby boy so now we’re toddler wranglers too! He loves rusty trucks, cameras and road trippin’, just like his mom. He’s my #1 fan!

insert cute Jack photo here

My Dream Job

Who knew that the camera my parents bought me for Christmas when I was 13 years old would lead me to my dream job!  Photography has always come naturally to me, and portraiture got me started as a professional. It wasn’t until Shane, my small-town sweetie, suggested I grab my camera and we go on a little adventure down some farm roads…that’s when I got hooked for real! When you stroll down back roads, you’ll find treasures like old homesteads, abandoned barns, and - my most favorite thing to photograph - rusty trucks!

I like Rusty Trucks and I cannot lie

To me, rusty trucks kind of look human! I even name them – let me introduce you to the boys:

insert rusty truck here pic here

Shane and I love to travel down back roads! It all started on our retro 1969 Yamaha motorbike named Daisy. Now I use a van so I can cover way more ground. The best part of wandering is that we never know what we're going to come across. Being out on the gravel roads is like hunting for treasure, and finding it is just as much fun as shooting it!

insert pic of DAISY here

Then the Travel Bug Bites

When I'm not road tripping, I'm always looking for the next stamp on my passport! My travel prints display unique angles taken from different perspectives.  They’ll make you feel like you’re right there. As Dr. Seuss said, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” The beach, the country…travel the world! Where can I take you today?

insert travel pic here

We create beautiful one of a kind pieces

Not only is Shane my husband, he’s the icing on the cake, the cream in my coffee, the Jerry McGuire for my artwork and in real life.  He’s contributes so much more than just love and support – he is also a huge part of the process. Shane creates one of a kind, reclaimed barn wood frames and is also the creator behind my wooden photo blocks. They’re made with so much love!

You can check out his work here!

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