"Billy Bob" 16x24 Barn Wood Frame

"Billy Bob" 16x24 Barn Wood Frame

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Print Description

A 1950's International pickup truck. The front grill of this truck reminds me of a vintage radio. Photographed in Southern Saskatchewan

Print Title: Billy Bob

Metal Print Size: 16x24 Frame is a couple inches are bigger ready to ship

Barn Wood Frames

Photos are dye-infused on aluminum and sealed with a clear coat gloss.  The images are very vivid. The metal gives a 3D effect to the prints. They are easy to clean with glass cleaner.

These frames are  handcrafted by my Husband Shane and are made using reclaimed barn wood. They have a hollow back and sturdy wire attached for hanging. The barn wood really completes the pieces.

These pieces are one of a kind, vivid and eye catching.  The perfect wall art for any home, office or business.